Ned Evett

A conversation about songwriting with Ned Evett and James Coberly Smith. This episode was taped Nov. 1, 2013, and broadcast on TVCTV on April 18, 2014.

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Ned Evett | “Golden Gate” and “The Globro”

Golden Gate

The Globro

Ned Evett tells us…

The acoustic is named ‘Golden Gate’. It is the world’s first glass fingerboard guitar, converted in 1995. It is a 1963 Harmony, with a K&K pickup.

The resonator is ‘The Globro’, a 2002 Galveston with a highlander pickup.”

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The Art of Boise Song Talk

Moon Walk by Irene M. Smith

Moon Walk by Irene M. Smith

This painting is seen in the Ned Evett interview.

View the full gallery of paintings featured in Boise Song Talk.


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