The First Season

James Coberly Smith speaks with local Boise Songwriters about how they write their songs.

The First Season of Boise Song Talk originally aired between October 5th and December 7th, 2010. All episodes were taped live and unedited by Boise State student crews at TVCTV, Boise, Idaho.

Dale Keys on Boise Song Talk

Dale Keys

It’s gotta come from the heart, if you want it to work.”

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Travis Ward interview on Boise Song Talk

Travis Ward

There are so many ways to make a song.”

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Rebecca Scott

Rebecca Scott

Don’t doubt what you’re doing. Have conviction. Go forward.”

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Johnny Shoes Pisano

Johnny “Shoes” Pisano

You learn the rules so that you can forget about them later.”

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Dan Costello on Boise Song Talk

Dan Costello

Don’t be afraid to change something once you start working on it.”

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Andy Byron

It’s what you feel – everybody has a different way to say it. That’s what art’s all about.”

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Kelly Lynae on Boise Song Talk

Kelly Lynae

Nothing is really ‘wrong’. If it sounds good to you, then do it.”

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Bernie Reilly and Ryan Wissinger interviewed on Boise Song Talk

Bernie Reilly and Ryan Wissinger

Learn as many songs as you can – you always learn a new trick.”

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Jeremiah James on Boise Song Talk

Jeremiah James

Write. Just write. Write what you know.”

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