Dale Keys

Dale Keys interviewed by James Coberly Smith on Boise Song Talk, November 16, 2010.

Find out more about Dale Keys and his music at dalekeys.com .

The Art of Boise Song Talk

Paintings by Irene M. Smith

Faith is a Stretch - by Irene Smith

Faith is a Stretch

This painting is seen in the Dale Keys interview.  View a larger version of the painting and see other paintings featured in Boise Song Talk.


7 responses to “Dale Keys

  • Kim

    THIS IS GREAT! James, good work! I would LOVE to see this keep going….about time someone does something to honor our local talent…there’s so much of it!!

  • Ruthie Naccarato

    We love Dale Keys out here in SLC! Great to see him featured here. We discovered him out in Torrey, UT about five years ago. He is tremendous! Great songwriter indeed. But, funny! And a darn nice guy! Kind soul. The real deal.

    There are some other really great songwriters in Boise! Johnny Shoes Pisano, Lee Penn Sky and new to Boise-Sarah Sample, just to name a few. This is a great resource! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

  • Roy

    It’s good to see a program like this one, James. You’d miss a good deal of original talent in the Biose area if you depended on finding reviews of such talent only in it’s main newspaper. As to Mr. Keys, this man has real talent. I truly hope it geets noticed nationaly. Dale, ya done good again!


  • John Matterface

    I helped promote Dale’s CD here in England when it was first released and it gets played and played to this day. Here’s hoping there’ll be a follow up because Dale has a whole lot more great songs in his locker. Way to go man.

  • Mike Varoz

    Dale come back to park city!

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